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Store of the Future is the retail innovation lab of the Netherlands. This initiative started by Q&A, offers retailers, partners and consumers the opportunity to discover what a store in the future might look like.

The first year
Why Store of the Future?

  • Gain consumer insights
  • Strengthen consumer relationship
  • Test latest retail technologies and identify innovations
  • Future-proof your store

The pop-up concept by Store of the Future opened its doors from June 2015 until September 2016, at shopping centre New Babylon in The Hague. The innovation lab offered retailers and consumer the opportunity to test the latest retail technologies seven days a week.

During the first year, Q&A confirmed that technology is not an end in itself, but a means to improve the shopper’s experience.

Watch the documentary for first year’s highlights of Store of the Future.

Store of the Future continues
After a successful year, Q&A decided to continue the concept of Store of the Future.

In order to successfully continue testing innovations and sharing knowledge, Q&A decided to separate the B2B from the consumer environment. As of September 2016, there is a store for retailers and a store for consumers.

Store of the Future in a B2B environment offers:

  • Testing of innovations
  • Opportunity to organise events
  • Guided tours and presentations facilitated by a retail expert.
  • Conference room

For an in-store experience, you can visit Collectiv. a concept store in the Hague and several retailers in the Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam. It is here that Store of the Future tests various technological innovations in a consumer environment.

The inspirational setting of Amersfoort
The Store of the Future in a B2B environment opened its doors in September 2016 in Amersfoort. The concept has two main objectives:

  1. Create a knowledge sharing platform
  2. Showcase retail innovations

These innovations show that with the right technology, a new ease and fun factor are added to the customer journey. New innovations will be added to showcases proven successful in the past.

Retailer, manufacturer or supplier? Make an appointment for a glimpse into the future.
The future begins here!

Test new innovations
For you as a consumer, you can visit Collectiv. for an in-store experience. A concept store in The Hague. A place where you can find creative and unique entrepreneurs under one roof. Next to Collectiv. you will find technological innovations that you can test in the Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam.

The future begins here!